The 3G Shutdown: Is it time to panic yet

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The introduction of 5G networks has been a massive success for many different industries, allowing for increased speeds and greater efficiency in their workflow patterns due to the lightening fast connection provided. Despite the need to upgrade antennas and equipment to enable compatibility with the new 5G services the take up of the new tech has been incredibly popular.

Of course with the introduction of 5G many phone networks are moving forward with shutting down the 3G networks. This is due to phone companies only being allowed a limited supply of the spectrum, the more connections they have, the slower the introduction of 5G will be so it is only logical to bring in the 3G shutdown sooner rather than later and hasten the move to 5G.

3G devices left out in the cold

However, the shutdown of 3G is not without its problems, many older devices still require a 3G signal to function, indeed many companies rely of the service to continue operating. It’s not just phones and smart devices that use 3G, many cars need it for navigation, medical equipment, fire alarms and ankle monitors all need the service to function.

Also, while 4G and 5G services are widely available these services don’t cover everywhere, businesses in more remote areas could see them sent back to the dark ages following the shutdown with systems becoming completely non-functional. This may come across as alarmist but for some it is a real worry if their business will be able to function efficiently enough following the shutdown.

The grass is always greener

On the plus side, with the reduction in 3G services networks will be able to more rapidly introduce 5G, bringing connectivity to many where they previously had none. The 5G network has so far proved a more reliable faster service allowing operations to take a fraction of the time they would on 3G networks.

Most major mobile networks expect full 5G coverage in late 2022 meaning almost anywhere you should be able to receive a 5G signal ensuring those previously mentioned remote business should be able to maintain their businesses functionality at a high level possibly even better than the current level of service they are providing right now.

So, is it time to panic?

In a word, no. Although the 3G shutdown is currently happening (in the US AT+T shutdown its 3G services in February 2022 with T-Mobile following in March) the process is slow and many networks will inform you if you will lose your 3G service long in advance of the shutdown, either by E-mail or by letter. However, it is important to keep an eye on the situation as it progresses as once the 3G shutdown takes place, they won’t be turning it back on again.

If you feel you do need to upgrade your operation to either 4G or even 5G make sure you get in touch with experts to determine the best approach for you, while 5G may be the new shiny thing it still isn’t available everywhere yet so 4G may be the best option for you.

Why not get in touch with our team to discuss your options and take a look at our bespoke services to see how we can help you cope with the 3G shutdown.