The ever-evolving world of IoT and how CTI can help you connect

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The ever-increasing usage of IoT (Internet of Things) systems has resulted an increased need for high quality durable antennas suitable for use in a variety of environments. CTI pride themselves on providing the best off the shelf antenna solution for your requirements but can even supply a bespoke antenna to suit your specific needs should one of our many antennas not fit your application.

IoT is featured across numerous industries and is often a requirement to ensure safety and efficiency of your business. IoT has seen massive growth and an impressive success rate in a whole host of different sectors including Transportation, Commercial Vehicle Telematics, Remote Monitoring, Smart metering Vending and more. We have a wide variety of IoT compatible antennas capable of revolutionising technology with a clearer more responsive signal in a variety of applications.

Space limited IoT options

For example, The GSM/4G/CH/SMA_90 an LTE/GSM Right Angled Stubby Antenna with SMA(M) is suitable for a variety of smaller installations. This panel mounted antenna features LTE and GSM frequencies and is capable of operating in temperatures as low as -40 degrees C up to 85 degrees. Measuring just 9mm ᶲ x 51mm, this tiny antenna is especially useful in applications where space is limited.

Embedded applications also available

If you are looking for an embedded antenna solution for your IoT needs the 360PCB Wideband LTE/GSM Dipole Antenna is suitable for installation in a variety of applications from wireless gadgets like cordless phones, garage door openers and keyboards to more industrial applications like smart robotics and autonomous technology. This embedded antenna features LTW, GSM, WIFI, ZIGBEE and Bluetooth frequencies.

Hardwearing External Antennas

For more external solutions that are open to the elements CTI can supply the AG360WB, a fully waterproof GSM/LTE strip antenna with a wall bracket. This antenna features LTE, GSM, WIFI, ZIGBEE and Bluetooth and is compatible with a wide number of systems allowing for simple integration into existing systems allowing minimal downtime for essential technologies.

Due to the always evolving nature of technologies bringing in different systems and requirements our antennas are not solely applicable to IoT systems. Our antennas will reliably receive numerous signals across a number of frequencies. This allows our antennas to be applied to a variety of different technologies not necessarily involved in any IoT systems, increasing usability and versatility.

These are just a few of our exciting IoT applicable antennas be sure to get in touch with our team to find the perfect solution for your IoT involved business. Make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the latest in CTI.