Fleets could save up to 25% of fuel costs with the DBD-01 Driver Behaviour Display Unit 

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Fuel prices in the UK have hit a record high last week, with the cost of filling up an average car exceeding £100 for the first time on 8 June 2022. This has been putting enormous pressure on businesses to keep up with the rising cost of being on the road. Fuel is already a major expense for many, and fleet managers have been struggling with rising costs for a while now. UK businesses are likely to be under further pressure in an already tight economic climate with the recent hike in fuel prices showing no end in sight any time soon.

Maintaining the efficiency of vehicles and drivers is of prime importance to fleet managers currently, with the aim to reduce costs across the board. 

The transport sector is undergoing a major transformation which is why fleet managers must follow the latest trends to future-proof their fleet’s operations. Rising fuel costs are not the only obstacle putting fleet owners under pressure, but also the requirements of various regulations pushing for further reductions in carbon emissions from fleets. Those requirements include the clean air scheme and Ultra-Low emission zone (ULEZ) scheme that were been introduced in big cities like London, Bath, Birmingham and Portsmouth, with more schemes planned in areas including Manchester and Newcastle. Not adhering to these regulations can result in hefty fines.  

However, taking a smart approach to monitoring fuel expenditure could enable fleets to reduce their ever-growing fuel bill.

Data from driver behaviour is key to both fuel reduction and carbon efficiency. Identifying drivers who need training is key according to RAC. Driver behaviour directly affects fuel consumption and operational expenses with some reports suggesting that a fleet that adheres to the speed limits can save up to 25% on fuel costs. 

To assist drivers and fleet managers in reducing emissions and costs the DBD-01 Dash-Mounted Driver Behaviour Display Unit, used in conjunction with a compatible and connected telematics unit can give ‘real-time’ feedback to the driver of their performance with some units also providing the ability to monitor and adjust driver settings remotely ‘over-the-air’. The power of the DBD-01 and video telematics as a whole is enabling fleet managers to monitor drivers on the road in order to reduce operational costs and improve driver behaviour, litigation and claims. The prognosis for the future is heavily revolving around integrated video telematics systems and utilising technology to its full potential.

What can you do to reduce your fuel bill with the DBD-01?

  • Upgrade your vehicles with the DBD-01 and other technology you need to monitor drivers and their behaviour on the road
  • Adopt conscious driving habits
  • Regular vehicle maintenance

With carbon and fuel efficiency regulations only becoming more stringent as time goes on fleets must reduce their outputs by any means necessary and taking steps to ensure the proper use of their vehicles by their drivers is just one way of beginning that process. 

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