Wearable Antennas: Leading all kinds of football stars to victory

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Wearable antennas have come along way in recent years, whether used for entertainment purposes in the form of a smart watch or medical reasons such as an insulin monitor for diabetes. The technology has now entered the sports arena with many sports teams using a variety of trackers and devices to help them track players movements and their outputs. This helps players work at optimum levels in order to deliver high-end performances, like the ones that led the Lionesses to be crowned the new Champions of Europe.

Wearable Antenna

How are Wearable Antennas being implemented?

Indeed, many footballers have wearable antennas in the form of GPS trackers built into their shirts, which accurately measure their location on the pitch and can track the distance travelled during a game. The embedded antenna installed in the shirt can provide other data such as speed and change of direction thanks to various accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses. However FIFA have recently allowed for more accurate GPS trackers to be tested through their quality program, with trackers mounted directly into the boots of players, transforming them into a fully connected solution that can track the individual movements of a players limbs, allowing teams to optimise their players movements through the statistical findings.

Wearable Antennas

Wearable Antennas across the pond

European football however falls far behind on the technology standpoint however when compared to American football players in the NFL. Due to the increased body armour of NFL, it is much easier to hide wearable antennas making it less noticeable for both the fans in the stadium and the viewers at home. NFL players wear a vest with GPS and LPS transmitters that track more than 1,000 individual data points including everything from distance and training load to player information, such as heart rate and how fast they accelerate or decelerate.

With each antenna measuring less than 5cm square and weighing just 53g the interference with the player is minimal to non-existent. NFL teams also utilise RFID tracking systems installed in both their shoulder pads and ball to track highly specific stats relating to the game such as data that includes position (including height), velocity, rotational information, as well as player speed, passing rates, rushing attempt yards, pass completion rates, receiver separations from defence players and much more. This data is available to everyone including the teams, broadcasters and fans allowing every ounce of statistics and information to be dissected and examined during a game.

CTI’s Wearable Antenna offering

CTi can provide antennas for various wearable technologies suitable for a number of applications and can provide a reliable, powerful signal connecting electronics wirelessly. These antennas can be small in size and weight making them less constricting for athletes, whilst still providing the most accurate data available and allowing players and teams to maximise their abilities by optimising their performance. We have several antennas on offer that can connect to GPS, GSM, 4G and even Wi-Fi, we also have the ability to customise any of our antennas with the connector and cable length required for your application through our bespoke solutions options.

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