Wearable Tech: Smart Clothing for a Smarter Tomorrow

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Wearable technology has been a growing market for many years with the introduction of smart watches and smart clothing increasing the possibilities for manufacturers and developers around the world. Gone are the days when your watch ticked, your phone rang and your computer pinged independently of one another, nowadays all are connected to create a fully functional personal IoT.

However, the growth of wearable technology extends far beyond personal smart devices, CTi provide a large number of wearable antennas which are used in modern medicinal technology. The medical field has been expanding the use of smart technology to help monitor and in some cases treat a wide variety of illnesses. For example, it is essential for people with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels closely often via finger prick and inject doses of insulin when required.

Diabetes developments with Wearable Technology

Yet modern smart technology allows for a simple sensor attached to the back of the arm to be scanned via an app giving up to date blood glucose results while also providing live tracking of levels providing much more detail than a standard finger prick. Also available to diabetes sufferers is a Continuous Glucose Monitor which constantly monitors levels and injects insulin when required, taking a time sensitive and complicated manual process and turning it into a simple wearable device.

The Covid19 pandemic spread across the world in 2020 bringing many industries to their knees, one such industry was the ocean cruise industry. Packing hundreds of people together on a cruise ship during a pandemic is certainly not a good idea. However recent advances in wearable technology have allowed contact tracing via bracelets to trace covid positive people and limit the spread as much as possible.

These bracelets work independently of any apps or smart phones and use low-power Bluetooth beacons and cloud management to ensure user privacy and administrative control meaning only high-ranking crew members can access the data when necessary. All crew and passengers are required to wear the bracelets at all times with the crew able to monitor the bracelets to ensure they are in use. The technology is currently being trailed in the hopes that it will finally restart an ailing cruise industry.

CTi can provide antennas for various wearable technologies suitable for a number of fields and industries, our antennas can provide a reliable, powerful signal connecting electronics wirelessly. We have a number of antennas on offer that can connect to GPS, 3G/4G and even Wifi, we can also customise any of our antennas with the connector and cable length required for your application through our bespoke solutions option.

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