Transforming the Country’s Energy, one Smart Meter at a time

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The water, electric and gas industries control some of the most important parts of daily life and are essential resources that we need to survive. Due to the incredibly high importance of these services, the distributors are required to maintain accurate and efficient tracking of their supply and their customers’ usage. While metering has been sufficient for many years it does require suppliers or customers to regularly read their meters to ensure correct usage and billing. Modern technology however now allows for Smart metering to take place, no longer requiring customers to send in their meter reading which can sometimes be inaccurate and not represent their correct usage. Smart Metering allows utility suppliers and customers to have a live feed of their usage, which is sent directly from the smart meter itself to the supplier via a specific IoT (Internet of Things) system.

Smart Meter are leading the charge for lower bills

Smart meters use a variety of frequencies to send their data to its destination including Wi-Fi, GSM ZIGBEE, and various wireless ad hoc networks, among others. The benefits of smart metering include more accurate bills for customers allowing them a live feed of their usage with the ability to limit their usage if required. Modernising the country’s energy system creates a smart grid which is aiding efforts to provide low-carbon efficient and reliable energy to the country. CTI offers a range of different antenna solutions suitable for a smart meter purposes, offering multiple different options including size, frequency and mounting type allowing for various requirements. The GSM/4G/CH/SMA is an LTE/GSM Straight Stubby Antenna and one of our more popular options in the smart metering industry. This screw-mounted antenna is also available as a right-angled option (GSM/4G/CH/SMA_90) and can be mounted directly to the smart meter. The antenna uses GSM frequencies LTE700, GSM850, ISM868, GSM900, ISM915, GSM1800, GSM1900, 2.1 GHZ (3G) and LTE2700. It manages all of this whilst only measuring 51mm x 9mm. The A0100/4PL on the other hand is an LTE/GSM Colinear Antenna suitable for outdoor usage. This wall-mounted antenna uses GSM and LTE along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The A0100/4PL is much larger than the GSM/4G/CH/SMA measuring 381.50MM X 155.5MM0 X 36MM and comes with a mounting bracket to ensure it remains securely in its mounted location. The benefits of using this antenna include an improved signal strength when it is not sufficient inside. One of our waterproof antenna solutions is the AEB690-WP, which is especially useful for water metering applications. This body-mounted antenna uses GSM across several frequencies to provide a clear signal. The small compact size of this antenna makes it the ideal solution for connecting in tight spaces such as to a manhole cover, with the high-quality threaded fixing bolt and high-tack adhesive tape eliminating rotation during fitment ensuring correct Finally, we have the AG360WB, which is also a waterproof GSM/LTE Strip Antenna with a wall bracket, suitable for use both internally, or externally for improved signal strength. This wall-mounted antenna features LTE, GSM, Wi-Fi, ZIGBEE, and Bluetooth and measures 130MM X 12MM X 6.6MM. The AG360WB is especially useful for mounting away from the smart meter due to its wall mounting capability along with its strip antenna design. For more information on any of our antennas and how we can help you with your smart metering operation feel free to contact our team or visit our Bespoke Solutions page to find a solution fit for you. Make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the latest in CTI.