Breaking Down Fakra Connectors so you don’t have to

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The automotive industry is a sea of different connections, cabling and technology, without which our vehicles would cease to function. The absence of one simple connector could take a vehicle out of service resulting in potentially serious financial and commercial complications. Whilst possibly overestimating the possible implications of a failed connector, many automotive manufacturers have spent years making sure you don’t have to worry about it.

Since 2005 most manufacturers have been utilising Fakra connectors for various parts of their vehicles wiring including the GPS, radio and even the GSM phone systems. The Fakra connector has become a reliable standard that provides a secure, electrical connection through its ability to lock the connector into position ensuring vehicles systems continue to function as required. The widespread use of the Fakra connector has led to a variety of different colour-coded variations to correspond to its intended use.

CTi supply a wide-range of Fakra connectors so we thought it important to breakdown the different colours to ensure you purchase the correct product for your usage.

BlackAnalog Radio without Phantom Power SupplyA
WhitePhantom Radio with SupplyB
BlueGPS: Telematics, NavigationC
BordeauxGSM: Mobile PhoneD
GreyRadio remote control, Central locking systemG
VioletGPS, NavigationH
BeigeRadio remote control, Stationary heating or BluetoothI
CurryRadio with antenna diversityK
Carmine RedNot DefinedL
Pastel OrangeNot DefinedM
Pastel GreenNot DefinedN
Water BlueNeutralZ

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