Bespoke Solutions

Our engineering capabilities
and expertise allow us to design, develop and manufacture Antennas, Cable and Video Telematic products specific to our customer's needs

For over 20 years CTi have provided tailored innovative products and solutions to a variety of different industries. Our extensive knowledge and expertise have enabled CTI to design, develop and produce bespoke products for industry specific purposes built to our client’s own requests.

CTI are often called upon by global companies to provide antennas, cable assemblies, embedded technology and video telematics hardware suitable for a range of uses. Often due to the complicated nature of these requests, be it for a unique engineering usage, a difficult installation location or the requirement of various different design specifications, an off the shelf product will not suffice. CTI are happy to work together with clients to provide a bespoke solution to create a product which will match and even exceed client expectations.

In-House Engineering Capabilities





Bespoke Antenna Solutions

Our RF division provides a service to design and manufacture customised antenna solutions to meet specific customer applications.

Our UK based research and development team consists of CAD, electronic, RF and software engineers who provide consultation through design, prototyping, statutory proposals to volume production. We have made a significant investment in utilising the latest validation tools as well as in-house CAD engineers and 3D printing equipment to support future customer requirements and deliver real ‘value-add’ solutions.

Supporting your Antenna Solution


RFxpert is an Antenna Measurement tool that enables us to quickly evaluate and optimise antenna designs by providing real-time performance characterisation at the customer facility.

RFxpert is a bench top instrument that provides real-time, accurate and repeatable measurements of near-field and predicted far-field antenna patterns.

Single frequency scans are executed, catalogued and visualised with ONE SECOND, not hours.

Even an embedded antenna can be completely characterised across its operating range in LESS THAN A MINUTE


  • Quickly measure the performance of an antenna design with far field pattern data and radiated power levels.

  • Gain immediate insight into the root causes of performance challenges by
    analysing the near field results.

  • Quickly evaluate the effects of any changes made to the prototype antenna

Bespoke Cable Assembly & Loom Manufacturing

We have access to state of the art design, tool making, injection moulding, cable harness and
sub-assembly manufacturing facilities to deliver a high-quality service.

  • On-site cable assembly manufacturing facility in the UK
  • Invested in fully automated KOMAX cable assembly machine
  • Quality assured production via the utilisation of built-in crimp force analyser
  • Geared to providing short-term lead times compared to Far East cable sourcing
  • Ability to manufacture in small quantities to meet urgent
    customer requirements

Supporting your PCB Design


EMxpert is an EMC & EMI diagnostic tool that enables us to rapidly identify and solve EMC/EMI problems in a single design cycle in the customers own lab environment. With EMxpert, unexpected compliance test results can also be avoided altogether.

For PCB Engineers, finding, characterising and effectively addressing unintended emissions (EMI/EMC) or RF leakage continues to be a persistent design challenge. This is especially true for groups doing high speed or high power PCB designs as well as complex density designs where there is a premium on ‘real-estate’

EMxpert is the real-time solution for this challenge; a unique lab bench magnetic near-field scanning system


  • Rapidly diagnosing problems early in the
    development stage.

  • Providing real-time and highly repeatable
    indentification of problem frequencies,
    sources & their physical location.

  • Tracking of hard-to-diagnose intermittent
    events thanks to continuous scanning
    and peak hold.

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