5G Growth: When will 5G be Nationwide

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5G is certainly the latest connective technology that is making the headlines recently. Offering lightening fast connection speeds and rapid downloads it is certainly an exciting offering that means it’s even easier for businesses to connect to systems on the go. The rollout of new technologies is often a slow process that takes months if not years to become widely available and 5G is no different.

5G is currently available in 60+ countries and was initially introduced in early 2019. The majority of current phone users take advantage of 4G to access data and download files, which is sure to increase once 5G fully covers the nation as it can be up to ten times faster than 4G. Compared to 4G, 5G has seen a surprisingly faster rollout than its predecessor with consumers excited by the prospect of higher speeds and lower latency. Vodafone, 3, O2 and EE all now offer 5G plans with many of the smaller networks piggybacking on there systems to also offer the latest systems. The likes of Virgin, Sky and BT launched their own plans in early 2021.

5G Availability Helpful across the industry

5G benefits a broad range of business and industries, bringing connection speeds to a minimum and enhancing the connectivity of IoT businesses. Bytestart are even reporting that “Instant and reliable connections will make remote working a real possibility for businesses, with more companies likely to adopt the approach thanks to effortless conference calls and consistent speeds wherever employees are working from”, a definite advantage in this post Covid world.

Currently only major UK cities have coverage with the majority of the country retaining 4G for the time being. Most of the major mobile networks expect full coverage of the UK to be available in late 2022. This would allow for a major rollout of technologies and antennas both within the industry and to consumers.

Expect the full introduction to not take long, especially as some tech giants are already investigating and researching 6G a further step forward in mobile data technology. Although in the very early stages of development 6G is estimated to be 100 times faster.

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