Code: DBD-01

The DBD-01 is a Dash-Mounted Driver Behaviour Display Unit which is used in conjunction with a compatible and connected telematics unit and provides ‘real-time’ feedback to the driver of their performance with some units also providing the ability to monitor and adjust driver settings remotely ‘over-the-air’.

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Fleet owners worldwide are increasingly under pressure to ensure compliance with regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions. To comply, vehicles must have the ability to monitor their driver behaviour and use dashboard lights to alert the driver when there are problems.

Data from driver behaviour is key to both fuel reduction and carbon efficiency. Identifying drivers who need training is key. Driver behaviour directly affects fuel consumption and operational expenses with some reports suggesting that a fleet that adheres to the speed limits can save 25% on fuel costs.


  • Universal LED driver feedback display
  • Provides real-time feedback to the driver of his driving performance
  • Monitors braking, acceleration and cornering
  • Programmable to accept various different event commands/parameters
  • Works alongside and connects to any telematics device with a serial port
  • Settings can be updated/monitored remotely ‘over-the-air’
  • Reduces vehicle ‘wear and tear’ by providing real-time feedback
  • Reduces fuel usage by alerting drivers of their performance ‘real-time’
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