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Get a Clear Indication of Behaviour Problems...

Introducing the DBD-01 & DBD-02 LED Driver Behaviour Displays.

The Universal Driver Behaviour Display is available in 2 configurations.  

Firstly, the DBD-01 is used in conjunction with a compatible and connected telematics unit and provides real-time feedback to the driver of their performance with some units also providing the ability to monitor and adjust driver settings remotely 'over-the-air'.


The DBD-02 is a fully autonomous driver behaviour display which works by providing feedback to drivers of vehicles that don't have a fully integrated telematics solution fitted.

Key Features

  • Universal LED Driver Feedback Display
  • Provides real-time feedback to the driver of his/her driving performance
  • Can monitor braking, acceleration and cornering
  • programmable to accept various different event commands/parameters
  • Works alongside & connects to ANY telematics device fitted with a serial port
  • Can be updated/monitored remotely to modify or update driver settings 'over-the-air'
  • Ultimately reduces unnecessary 'wear and tear' on the vehicle with its feedback
  • Can help to reduce fuel consumption be alerting the driver of their driving performance.

DBD-02 Specifications

SensorBosch BMI160 6 Axis - (3 x Accelerometer - 3 x Gyroscope)
ProcessorNXP ARMCortex M4 with FPU
LEDs6 (2 x Green, 2 x Amber, 2 x Red)
Over Voltage ProtectionYES
Power Supply8-36V DC
Current Rating150mA (Max)
Internal PolyfuseYES

Display - 70mm(W) x 33mm (H) x 34mm (D) 
Module - 83mm (W) x 19mm (H) x 60mm (D)


For more information please contact sales on 01420 470615 or email