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On-Board with Diagnostic Cables

We are pleased to announce the availability of 12Volt and 24Volt OBDII extension cables in 5cm and 1m lengths.

The perfect solution for Telematic applications needing data transfer from the OBD11 port. 

Full Specification

  • Low profile car diagnostic ribbon wire OBD ii extension cable J1962 male to J1962 female
  • Cable: UL2464  26/28AWG*8C  BLK  0D:2.50*8.7mm
  • 9 pin connected 2.4+5,, meet most Vehicle communication protocol, also available with 16 pin fully loaded connectors
  • Suitable for Telematics and Auto Diagnostics
  • 12V for car and 24V for heavy goods vehicles 
  • Suitable for all vehicles with an OBD socket
  • Both connector are injected  
  • Materials of connector and cable comply with UL and ROSH standards.
  • OBD pin-out information and cable specification can be customized.

For more information please contact sales on or call +44(0)1420 470615